Adventures in Growing Pains

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So for the past few weeks me and my bf have been living in almost what is our own place. You defiantly don’t expect it to be as hard as it is at first(I’m still adjusting) and yes I still cry for my kitty at night.. But anyways home really is where the heart is. I have come to memorize every little thing about my home with my parents that I didn’t realize that those things made up why I loved it so much.. The smell, the environment.. Everything. I also add I grew up in this house so I have a bunch of memories there, but while I’m going through this new and scary phase in my life I’m comforted by the fact I have a very supporting bf and loving family and friends. I also have an amazing god watching and looking after me.whenever I feel scared or lonely I remind myself I’m not alone and I’m taking a step further to touching my dreams.

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Tied together

Always give something new and foriegn to you a chance you may like it no matter who you are!

are hearts and souls are the things that binds us together. Even though sometimes it may seem we come from different planets remember we all come from the same one and are all human. Why not learn a new language? or try a new food? you may just suprise yourself!